extra milk no sugar

Jun 12

VIP cocktail party outfit; the view was good but the food was even better! they had this really delicious whiskey punch drink with jalapeno lime syrup and loads and loads of hors d’oeuvres (favourites: carne asada with peppery mayo; mushroom risotto)

went for a simple spring themed outfit; you can’t tell from a distance but the lace is metallic & the cardigan has sparkles. i also had matching gold heels and jm library bag. there was a woman, R. with the most fabulous polkadot x sequin galaxy theme with silver platforms that was really awesome too! (but mostly I was stuffing my face and drinking the bar with B., JR. & peoples)

cardigan: emily temple cute
JSK: jane marple (venetian glass)
underskirt: juliette et justine

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