extra milk no sugar

Jul 22

BABY and Tokyo Rebel opening in NYC. Saw many beautiful lolitas all dressed up!!! I didn’t get anything new, but picked up these two lovely older pieces from a friend —- I especially love the Red Riding OP, it’s been on my wishlist for a while!

hat: vintage
JSK, wristcuffs: btssb (alice burges)
cardigan: emily temple cute

Jul 10

casual pop-lolita style today, I love the maniaQ sweater! It’s really light and has a nice subtle shine — perfect for summer. Had milk tea with azuki & e.e cummings, the cover matches nicely I think lol~

sweater: maniaQ
JSK, chou-chou: angelic pretty

Jul 09

Got my new bath bombs & ManiaQ sweater in mail today! Had to do an interview/photo-op thing for some article, so I dressed a little better (with collar!)

cardigan: jane marple
JSK: emily temple cute

Jul 06

Went to watch Snowpiercer and saw some really awesome graffiti in Ithaca. Movie was a bit extreme in violence and gore though (English understatement.)

cardigan: jane marple (dishplate)
JSK: emily temple cute (fox & deer)

Jul 03

Meeting with M. which was really great, && double dessert day! Tomorrow we’re going to C’s house for fireworks, swimming & trampoline (4th of July)

Simple sweet outfit for meetings-work. I like the combination of lavender and navy, it looks very ‘neat’ and ladylike <3

cardigan (worn as blouse): janemarple
JSK: emily temple cute (rose embroidery)

Jul 01

Solved the no mirror problem by laying it on floor first (look! shiny clean floors!) Think I should’ve worn a blouse, but it was so freakin’ hot. Went for a drive, and the tea at a rose garden <3

cardigan: jane marple
JSK, bag: angelic pretty

Jun 16

cosmic hairties + ivory jsk came in mail to complete the set, and also physical drop fish t-shirt! so much glittery~ <3

Jun 13

party at MoMA (aka. PartyAtMom’s!) there was so many people — according to B., over 2000 people where there!  the strawberry rhubarb cocktail was amazing <3 gave up trying to (net)work halfway and just had fun hanging out at the gallery, eating all canapes and drinking tons of (very expensive) alcohol (courtesy of diegeo). anyway it was really great && hope to see everyone next year!

technically a black-tie event, so less poof and more shiny heels (silver. no picture though)

JSK, bag: angelic pretty cosmic
cardigan, brooch: emily temple cute

Jun 13

michilaine said: Awwww you are so so so cute! I love your coords, and you look adorable in otome <3 May I ask how tall you are? I have the biscuit and cutlery print by ETC but in skirt because I'm afraid the JSK would never fit me. It looks way so adorable on you!

thank you! I’m 155cm, or 5’1. Most ETC JSKs with straps are adjustable with buttons, so it might be OK depending on your own measurements. The longest JSK I have from them (alice cardsuit) is 95cm, the shortest JSK I have (velour ribbon) is 86cm

Jun 12

VIP cocktail party outfit; the view was good but the food was even better! they had this really delicious whiskey punch drink with jalapeno lime syrup and loads and loads of hors d’oeuvres (favourites: carne asada with peppery mayo; mushroom risotto)

went for a simple spring themed outfit; you can’t tell from a distance but the lace is metallic & the cardigan has sparkles. i also had matching gold heels and jm library bag. there was a woman, R. with the most fabulous polkadot x sequin galaxy theme with silver platforms that was really awesome too! (but mostly I was stuffing my face and drinking the bar with B., JR. & peoples)

cardigan: emily temple cute
JSK: jane marple (venetian glass)
underskirt: juliette et justine