extra milk no sugar

Oct 13

Simple shopping outfit and it was so fun even though quite damp and rainy~ visited tokyo rebel/btssb and then patricia field, h&m and many more (basically we hit up SoHo) and overall was a really great day

OP: jane marple
underskirt: little dipper
tablier: baroque
socks: emily temple cute

wristcuffs: btssb
haters hairband: patricia field

Oct 12

Baroque for X-Japan at MSG!!! It was such a great concert, I hope they come back next year~ <3 <3 <3

OP, tablier: baroque
tights: victorian maiden
headbow: liz lisa

Oct 05

met saicoink for afternoon tea! we accidentally did some colour matching (her: navy, mint and grey; me: lavender, mint and grey) and it was so nice to catch up and spend time with her <3 <3 <3 

JSK: emily temple cute
cardigan: jane marple
tights: anna sui

JSK: jane marple
collar: keisuke kanda
cardigan: handmade

Sep 27
3rd move in 6 months, and this isn&#8217;t even half of it :/ looking at all the clothes i have&#8230; i really think it&#8217;s time for a closet clean

3rd move in 6 months, and this isn’t even half of it :/ looking at all the clothes i have… i really think it’s time for a closet clean

Sep 13

sorry it’s been so busy lately >_>;;; here’s a quick glimpse of what I wore for work today! It’s Little Dipper’s galaxy OP in mint, and very comfortable<3 the quality is quite nice, although it’s missing the lace they had in preview.

one-piece: little dipper galaxy (mint)

Aug 25

so glad to be back in NYC permanently!! moved to new offices, new hires, new *everything* It’s too hot to wear anything but casual, so I’m happy for AP mini-skirts :D

top: banana republic
skirt: angelic pretty, holy lantern

Aug 24

summer special style, tried a new place: pomme palais. their lemon mousse was quite good, and their pear iced tea was amazing

salopette, cardigan: emily temple cute (with ribbon clips from AP)

Aug 24

summer cantaloupe & midnight witchy tea with E.

doing the blasphemous thing where you wear a cutsew over a jsk… really, it’s such a versatile and comfortable dress. owl design for the midnight witch theme: nothing like muttering over earl grey creme and maniacally devouring scones and watch the moon rise cackle to night.

JSK, hairtie: angelic pretty cosmic
tunic owl top thing: miss ??, taobao

Aug 20

Anonymous said: Hi, I really love your style ^^ I'd like to ask what's the brand and print name of the cat and books print? Looks lovely <3

hello! the cats & books print is called Secret Library by Metamorphose. The version I have is this one: http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/category/select/cid/370/pid/10064

Aug 11

…rest of the catalog