extra milk no sugar

Apr 15

Angelic Pretty’s newest series: Sweetie Violet

definitely going to try and get the JSK!!!


Angelic Pretty’s newest series: Sweetie Violet

definitely going to try and get the JSK!!!

Apr 13

teatime nostalgia for brunch at Laudree soho - mint x navy for soft feeling of garden hyacinth - my street is all in spring blossom now!  I tried the Rose St Honeres, which was really good but the choux pastry was cold? new cherry umbrella by MezzoPiano, now I need to find AP’s matching drained cherry jsk hmmm…

blouse: dear celine, taobao
JSK, underskirts: alice & pirates
socks: emily temple cute
everything else: offbrand

Apr 08

bluets day - a ladylike feel for spring! morning with our user-research focus group, then sealed a business meeting so we’ll be in upstate next week. rewarded ourselves with cream tea@podunk~

OP, hair-ribbon: innocent world (clara OP)
cardigan: emily temple cute
socks: metamorphose

Apr 05

chocolate-orange dune & jodorowsky’s dune. space theme (saxe x lavender) with dream sky and constellation tights

Everything except tights: angelic pretty
tights: neverland (nebaarando)

Apr 04

dead friday, full of rain. feel like a soggy flower, petals on the floor. i’m wearing something like 7+ layers and all i want to do is curl up in bed and sleep. kinda cross over between mori-girl and fairy-kei? all pinks and mints and offwhites

tops: liz liza, earth music ecology, thrifted
underskirts: victorian maiden, btssb, thrifted, pinkhouse

Apr 01

Finally, the first day of spring! dress is a bit rumpled from being kept for so long. Today is all pink & green & springtime happiness~ except for the cat, who is utterly confused at why sunlight hours are so long now

JSK: emily temple cute
cardigan: j.crew
everything else: offbrand

Mar 31

Royal Unicorn for monday, navy x lavender combo! I love these VM/Beth tights, I own them in 3 colours ^^;;; afterwards we went to get crepes near the office, the matcha stripe chocolate is my favourite <3

blouse: modcloth
skirt: angelic pretty
tights: victorian maiden/beth

Mar 28

Casual Emily Temple cute pastel style (yellow x pink) for Sebastian Masuda! It was wonderful seeing his work in person, and you can experience the installation by lying on the bed —- a really good feeling of “kawaii”+claustrophobia, and he seems really lovely in person (it was nice to talk to him)

JSK: emily temple cute
cardigan: angelic pretty
sailor coat: taobao/hmhm

Mar 23

went for a witch-themed party which turned out to be a DISASTER so we made excuses, skipped out and watched a midnight screening of Grand Budapest Hotel! Not usually a fan of Wes Anderson, but this was really SUPER!!!! <3 Best choice we made that night (I hate wasting my free weekend time with people I don’t give a shit about)

headband: some milliner at east village
capelet: moi meme moitie
OP: angelic pretty
glitter tights: tutuanna

Mar 20

Royal Unicorn for spring equinox and pitch meeting today! It went really really well, and rewarded ourselves for hard work with milk tea and cake at Paris Baguette <3 their blueberry lemon tart (bottom right) is my favourite~

Royal Unicorn is really such an underrated series, I was very happy to get it during AP USA’s sale. The pastel gobelin is so cute and luxurious! Also you rarely see gobelin done in pastel colours….

skirt, cardigan: angelic pretty
cutsew: dipdrops
tights: uniqlo